What happens if I earn more than 250 points at one time?

If you earn more than 250 points at one time, but less than 500, we will deduct just 250 points from your Points Balance. Point amounts over that 250 will remain in your balance and be available for you to use to build toward your next Reward. If you cross the 250-point threshold multiple times at once, we will issue whatever the appropriate amount of Rewards are for the amount of points you have earned. For example: if you earn 550 points in one day, you will receive two (2) $25 USD value Rewards that can be used on your next purchase(s), together or separately, and will have 50 points remaining in your Points Balance. These remaining points will be pooled toward your next Reward. You will only receive (5) Rewards per day, so in the event that you cross the point threshold more than (5) times in a single day, you will receive just (5) Rewards with your first disbursement, then (5) the next day, and so on, until all your Rewards have been disbursed. Confused? It’s easy. Basically each time you reach 250 points, you’ll get a $25 USD value Reward via email. And if you shop A LOT (we like that) then you’ll get rewarded A LOT (you’ll like that.)

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